Rob Kraus Promoted to Vice President of Security Services

Ashley Wenzel
Digital Marketing Manager

We are thrilled to share the news that Rob Kraus, a key figure in our organization, has been promoted to Vice President of Security Services at Evolve Security. This promotion signifies our ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation in the rapidly evolving landscape of cybersecurity.

Rob's journey with us began as the Senior Director of Security Services, where he made significant strides in expanding and refining our security services. His robust knowledge and expertise have been central to our successful delivery of advanced cybersecurity solutions to our clients. Importantly, Rob was a catalyst in the creation and evolution of our Offensive Security Operations Center (OSOC), applying the invaluable experience gained from his previous role as Senior Director at NTT Ltd.'s Global Threat Intelligence Center (GTIC).

In his elevated role as Vice President of Security Services, Rob is set to continue strengthening the foundations he's been instrumental in laying down. His strategic vision and knack for innovative problem-solving have been integral to minimizing risks and implementing prompt solutions. We have been able to help our customers dramatically reduce both “time to find” and “time to fix” by an impressive 71%, ensuring quicker detection and resolution of vulnerabilities. Rob has demonstrated exceptional leadership in owning the product management of our Darwin Attack® platform, our unique pentest portal and attack surface management tool. His deep involvement and continuous contribution have played a vital role in shaping Darwin, enhancing its effectiveness and driving its success within our suite of cybersecurity solutions.

Our CEO, Paul Petefish, shares the excitement around Rob's promotion, recognizing it as a strategic move aligned with our vision of continual innovation. Rob's contribution to our OSOC has been key to improving our capacity to serve our clients, and this promotion is expected to further enhance our proficiency in reducing time to find and fix for our clients.

Rob's promotion to Vice President of Security Services marks an exciting new chapter in the evolution of Evolve Security. With our clients' success at the core of everything we do, we're ready to continue delivering top-tier services under Rob's leadership.

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