Attack Surface Management

Our attack surface management helps you actively manage your external exposure to attackers.

Comprehensive Attack Surface Management Solutions

Attackers typically rely on tools to help identify targets, to weaponize vulnerabilities, and conduct attacks. This starts with discovery tools to help them identify targets for potential further exploitation. In many cases, the size and exposure of your external network – what an attacker can see from the outside – can have a significant impact on whether or not you become an attack target. An attacker’s process typically relies on them being able to identify you as a target and size their opportunity in an efficient, automated manner.

Evolve Security’s attack surface management is designed to help you manage the scope and nature of your network presence. This is primarily what applications and systems are visible from the outside world and what services they support, especially when new systems become visible.

The goal of the service is to enable you to effectively manage your presence – understand exactly what is exposed – and help make sure that you can actively manage the visibility of your applications, systems, and services. Effective management of your visibility can assist your organization in reducing your risk of successful cyberattacks.

Our attack surface management is focused on reducing the number of exposed systems and applications, then reducing the number of vulnerabilities in those systems, as well as ongoing control over the exposure of new systems and applications.

Our Proven Attack Surface Management

Evolve Security’s attack surface management will help you ensure your external presence is what you have designed it to be. It is a critical part of an effective security program, and exceeds standard practice, enabling you to improve your overall security, improve compliance, and reduce your potential cybersecurity and business risk.

Effective attack surface management includes several key components, which are performed by Evolve Security and your own resources.

  • Discovery. Discover and identify all exposed cyber-assets – every system, service, and application that can be reached from outside of your organization. Basically, identify all potential points of attack.
  • Reduce presence. Verify that exposed systems are valid systems, and that the business need is appropriate. Rearchitect your presence to remove systems that do not need to be exposed, potentially reducing the number of systems available for an attacker to target.
  • Vulnerability management. Scan your exposed systems for potential vulnerabilities, then support remediation and mitigation. Validate that identified vulnerabilities have been closed.
  • Baseline. Build a baseline of your approved internet presence – what systems, services, and applications have you explicitly approved, and identify the exact state of vulnerabilities and patches are in each. This is the definition of your current known attack surface.
  • Monitoring. Monitor your external presence for the appearance of new systems, services, or applications. This helps ensure that as you add new functionality, you can clearly identify it and explicitly approve implementation as appropriate. This monitoring also helps identify misconfigurations, prototype systems, and new systems created by attackers to stage tools or host data to exfiltrate. Additionally, continuous scanning increases your chances to detect previously undetected vulnerabilities, new vulnerabilities are created, and new exploits are weaponized.

Using Evolve Security’s attack surface management helps you build a predictable, manageable baseline of what you look like from the outside. We use best-of-breed vulnerability scanners, penetration testing tools, and attack surface management tools, and tie them together through our Darwin Attack® portal. Our continuous monitoring helps let you know in real-time when your attack surface changes, and your risk level has changed, allowing you to take proactive remedial actions and reduce your chances of successful attack.

Modernize Your Attack Surface Management

Baseline security services include vulnerability scanning and penetration testing. These are designed to help you manage vulnerabilities and take some proactive actions to reduce your risk by closing open vulnerabilities and other exposures.

Evolve Security’s attack surface management is a more advanced service that enables you to take a more proactive stance when managing security threats. It improves your control over what you approve as your external presence. It does this by a continuous attack surface monitoring solution that identifies changes in your exposed environment – what systems, services, applications, or vulnerabilities have changed when viewed from the outside world.

Evolve Security does not just alert you when we identify changes. We also update, real-time, information about your attack surface in our Darwin Attack® portal. Since your entire history of discovery, vulnerabilities, and remediations are tracked in Darwin Attack® as well, you get immediate access to actionable information when your attack surface changes. As a result, you always know exactly where you stand. And, as with all Evolve Security services, you can collaborate with our security professionals on remedial actions via the feed in the portal itself.

This enterprise attack surface management approach enables baseline, management, detection, notification, remediation, and validation through the same exact portal and set of services, improving your control over your environment, improving your cybersecurity, improving compliance, and reducing risks.

Our Attack Surface Management Continues To Evolve

Evolve Security’s security professionals constantly update our backend data with details from research as well as client tests. We continue to research security risks, vulnerabilities, remediation and mitigating controls, as well as evolving compliance requirements. We continually update Darwin Attack® with all appropriate detail to help ensure that you have the most up to date information available. Evolve Security’s experienced security professionals constantly research the best penetration test tools, vulnerability scanners, including service, system, or compliance-specific requirements, to help ensure that we always maintain best-of-breed security tools that best serve the needs of our clients.

We actively identify the most common exploitation attempts, and evaluate which ones are applicable to your organization. We actively identify the most commonly exploited services, utilities, and applications, to determine potential impact to your organization. As we evaluate the most up-to-date threats on the internet, we continue to evaluate those threats against your presence to help determine their potential impact on your attack surface, always enabling you to take proactive actions.

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