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Our strategic advisory services help you proactively improve your security program, maximizing efficiencies in security strategies, compliance, and security management.

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Maximize your ability to meet the demands of the current threat landscape. The threat landscape continues to change and grow as attackers discover new avenues of attack. At the same time, new regulations are added, and old ones are updated. This creates significant external challenges that you need to stay ahead of on a regular basis. Effective security management is not just running your current environment, but understanding the extent and impact of these external challenges, and determining the potential impact on your organization.

Our experienced advisors provide actionable, strategic guidance on program and policy development, incident response planning, security management, and compliance initiatives. We can also provide direct guidance to, and support of, your Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), or serve as an interim or third-party CISO. The ultimate goals of our advisory service are to guide you to meet your security needs, making the best use of available resources – prioritize your security initiatives, ensure they support your business needs, and streamline your ability to get things done.

Our Proven Security Advisory Solutions

Evolve Security’s Darwin Attack® platform is a critical part of our service offerings, and is a collaboration and enablement tool that will improve your ability to actively manage elements of your security program. The platform includes many key functions.

The Darwin Attack® portal provides value beyond a simple interface from which you can pull information – it functions as a management and collaboration portal that will enable you to actively improve your control over the security of your environment.

This helps us collaborate with you to determine the most effective set of services for your specific needs, including offerings such as the following:
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Security Strategy

Defining your security policies and strategy, including who in your organization is responsible for what level of security, implementation, and reporting.

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Security Policy Development

Define business-appropriate policies that support best security practices for your organization.

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Specific Assessments

Assessment of specific solutions or environments to identify potential security weaknesses and strengths, and the impact of each.

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Organization of Information, physical, and environmental security

Defining roles and responsibilities for each area of security, potential overlaps, and reinforcing responsibilities.

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Supplier and Vendor Relations

Define security requirements for suppliers and vendors, compliance expectations, and ongoing management.

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Define compliance requirements, along with policies and procedures for ongoing compliance management, including processes to keep up on new and changing compliance requirements.

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Information Security Incident Management

Define policies, procedures, roles, and responsibilities related to the identification and management of a cybersecurity incident.

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Merger and Acquisition Security Assessment

Define risks associated with the target organization, and define their pre-merger status to help support the M&A transaction.

Modernize Your Security
Strategy Approach

Most security strategies define a relatively static approach to security management. Many also include a defined security strategy that, while they may be well-defined approaches to security, are not necessarily a good fit for the business goals of the organization. These approaches can easily lead to security programs that become unwieldy – inefficient and difficult to maintain.

Evolve Security understands you have a business to run. Our Strategic Advisory service is focused on helping to define the right level of security to enable you to operate your business securely, maximizing the efficiency of the program and the effectiveness of related resources.

Our Strategic Advisory Service Evolves With Cybersecurity Threats

Evolve Security understands that you face a changing threat landscape. You simply cannot afford to define a security program and continue to manage to a set of static goals. You also cannot afford to keep chasing a moving target.

Evolve Security is in the security business – our staff are dedicated security professionals. You can focus on your business first, while we help provide you with updates and guidance on security developments that are the most likely to impact your organization.

Our team of security professionals constantly monitor developments in security standards and compliance or regulatory updates. We also hold regular project review sessions and update our internal standards to help ensure we are assessing to standards of good business practice, based on the practices of current clients.

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