Google Cloud Penetration Testing

Our Google cloud penetration testing helps you proactively identify and remediate security vulnerabilities in your Google cloud environment.

Strengthen Your Google Cloud Security with Comprehensive Penetration Testing

Google Cloud penetration testing empowers organizations to enhance the security of their Google Cloud Platform (GCP) environments, prevent potential breaches, and ensure compliance with industry regulations. By proactively evaluating and testing the cloud’s perimeter, internal cloud environments, and the management of hybrid cloud systems, Evolve Security helps organizations pinpoint vulnerabilities, risks, and gaps within their GCP infrastructure. GCP penetration testing evolves traditional network infrastructure testing methodologies to focus on GCP-specific high-risk assets such as cloud-hosted APIs, applications, cloud databases, and GCP services. The critical insights gained from thorough testing enable security teams to prioritize fixes and tailor their security strategies to address the most significant business risks.

Our proven Google cloud penetration testing solutions

The methodology for GCP penetration testing is informed by the Shared Responsibility Model, emphasizing that customers are mainly responsible for securing their applications, data, and access management to cloud resources. It aims to uncover common and intricate flaws within GCP environments. Using an objective-based approach, the Evolve Security’s testing methodology assesses the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) layers of GCP, aiming to identify:

  • Outdated and Vulnerable Software
  • Misconfigured GCP Services (such as GKE)
  • Improperly Secured Cloud Functions
  • Publicly Exposed Data Storage
  • Privilege Escalation Pathways

Evolve Security works closely with organizations to comprehend the unique deployment, configuration, and risk profile of their GCP assets and infrastructure. Together with your team, they model realistic and likely attack scenarios to rigorously test your GCP security stance against sophisticated threats. This includes threat modeling and pinpointing cloud access points (APIs, Admin Interfaces, Login Portals), accidental data exposures in public storage and collaborative workspace solutions (Google Drive), insecure applications, and conducting an internal risk analysis. Evolve Security’s Google Cloud security experts contextualize potential attack vectors within your environment, assessing the likelihood and impact of identified vulnerabilities to drive meaningful security improvements. Detailed Executive and Technical reporting deliver essential technical details, findings, and strategic advice to streamline remediation efforts, alongside executive summaries to underscore key business risks.

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Our Google Cloud penetration testing services update as cybersecurity threats evolve

Cloud penetration tests are key components of your enterprise security program. Commodity services have a place in the market, but are not going to offer you the type of service, details, and effectiveness that you need to identify security problems in your environment, then maximizes your opportunity to fix them in a proactive manner, before a hostile attacker or cybercriminal has the chance to take advantage of them.

Evolve Security combines three important elements to offer the best penetration test services:

Best of breed toolsets

That are regularly evaluated, replaced, and updated to maintain not only the best tools, but most appropriate tools for your specific services


Experienced security experts

With broad ranges of technical experience to help ensure we can provide the most effective service


The Darwin Attack® portal

Which enables efficient, timely communications and collaborations, and supports your management and reporting needs

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