Evolve your penetration testing program now. Embrace uninterrupted operations for your organization, and extend the same continuity to your security measures. With Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS), our proficient team of Evolve Security penetration testers is at your disposal whenever required. Whether it involves defining the scope of a fresh engagement, analyzing up-to-the-minute vulnerability reports, aiding in the remediation process, or ensuring year-round compliance, PTaaS is your all-encompassing penetration testing solution

Take Command Of Your Penetration Testing Initiative

Utilize the Darwin Attack PTaaS Platform for enhanced insight and progress monitoring across numerous penetration testing projects throughout the year. Maintain real-time oversight of each test's progress. Navigate the dashboard for comprehensive insights. Monitor time to find, and time to fix initiatives. Add Attack Surface Management for enhanced visibility. Instantly connect with pentesters via the Portal or Slack & Teams for inquiries, contextual details, clarifications, and beyond. Experience the expertise of Evolve Security's technical account managers who coordinate testing initiatives to guarantee seamless execution.

Our Proven Penetration Testing As A Service Solutions

The rapid pace of digital transformation is placing a significant strain on security teams. Evolve Security’s approach to Penetration Testing As A Service focuses on enabling you to reduce risk related to your web and mobile applications, networks, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and cloud assets. Evolve Security, renowned as one of the globe's most adaptable penetration testing providers, excels in identifying exploitable vulnerabilities more swiftly than conventional Pentesting through the synergy of our Attack Surface Management technology.

PTaaS Overview

Scalable Testing Initiatives

Conduct testing on a scalable level, ranging from individual assets to thousands, by leveraging a trusted community of pentesters and Attack Surface Management technology.

Enhance the Remediation Pace

Accelerate the timeline for resolving issues, reducing the time from months to mere days or weeks, facilitated by patch verification, role-based access control, APIs, and seamless integrations.

Measurable Security Effectiveness

Executive-level insights and ratings designed to guide your endeavors, maintain fiscal prudence, and reduce risk, all while fostering business growth and ensuring operational continuity.

Exceed Regulatory Standards

Fulfill mandates encompassing SOC 2 Type II, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, HITRUST, FISMA, SOX, and GDPR. Move past the checkbox approach with impactful outcomes that genuinely contribute to quantifiable risk mitigation.

Comprehensive Reporting

Fulfill compliance requirements with a professionally crafted summary tailored for auditors and top-level executives.

Swiftly address and rectify vulnerabilities with the aid of instantaneous alerts for real-time vulnerabilities. At the conclusion of the pentest duration, you will be furnished with a conclusive report encompassing essential suggestions, the evaluated scope, specifics about vulnerabilities, outcomes of remediation, and additional insights.

Retrieve your report through the Darwin Attack platform at your convenience following the conclusion of testing.

Choose to download an elaborate summary report or a concise high-level attestation, tailored to cater to your specific requirements and intended audience.

Pentests Yielding Immediate Results

Tap into worldwide expertise for proactive security measures, provided through Pentest as a Service (PTaaS), enabling efficient validation and rapid resolution of vulnerabilities.

Evolve Security combines three important elements to offer the best penetration test services:

Best of breed toolsets

That are regularly evaluated, replaced, and updated to maintain not only the best tools, but most appropriate tools for your specific services


Experienced security experts

With broad ranges of technical experience to help ensure we can provide the most effective service


The Darwin Attack® portal

Which enables efficient, timely communications and collaborations, and supports your management and reporting needs

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