Internal Application Penetration Testing

Our internal application penetration testing helps you proactively identify and remediate vulnerabilities in your internal network-based applications you use to support your business.

Ensure the Security of Your Internal Applications with Penetration Testing

While your internal applications are not necessarily exposed to attack from the outside world, that does not mean they are not at risk. Attackers can target users with malware, which subsequently attempts to target internal vulnerabilities, including those in applications. Attackers can also gain a foothold in your environment via external attacks, social engineering, breach of a trusted partner/vendor, or physical intrusion, then execute attacks against internal systems and applications to help spread attacks across your network, taking over more systems, trying to isolate and exfiltrate valuable internal information. The more control an attacker has over your internal systems, the more likely they are to conduct an attack and successfully exfiltrate data.

Your internal applications are targets of these attacks because applications are known to be vulnerable, and because your internal business applications often have access to your most valuable data – this is the data you use to conduct your business operations. Attackers seeking to expand their internal footprint regularly target applications and supporting systems for the access they give within your environment. Successful attacks increase your risk of compromise and data loss. Protecting these applications is a required step in your defense against an attacker with internal access.

Evolve Security’s internal application penetration testing services help you identify weaknesses in your applications and application infrastructure, enabling you to proactively prioritize and remediate those weaknesses, enhancing your control and security, improving compliance, and reducing risk.

Our proven internal application penetration testing solutions

Evolve Security’s approach to internal application penetration testing services focuses on enabling you to reduce risk related to your internal business-critical applications, and make it more difficult for an attacker in your network to successfully expand their internal access as well as find and exfiltrate your valuable data.

Evolve Security identifies vulnerabilities, and enables you to take proactive actions to perform all remediation. This includes focusing on the applications, the systems, tools, and services that support them. Understanding applications is critical to the best results, so all of our application penetration testers are current or former software developers. We understand your challenges and how to approach them.

True application penetration testing is not just a matter of pointing a scanner at your environment and letting it run.

Evolve Security’s application penetration testing includes a set of highly related services designed to maximize your ability to actively manage the security of your applications.

Vulnerability and Penetration Testing

This can include a variety of levels of testing, from automated scans to full penetration testing. Evolve Security’s experienced security professionals use best-of-breed security tools to conduct all testing. This can include manual, skill-based testing by experienced security experts, emulating real-world attacks.

Continuous Dynamic Testing.

Your web-enabled applications are most likely dynamic – they evolve as your business requirements grow. Evolve Security’s continuous testing functions in a selected environment to proactively test your applications for new vulnerabilities before they are fielded, enabling you to build and maintain a resilient application set.

Application Security Architecture Review

Your internal application security architecture is comprised of many individual components. These components need to support each other to maximize their positive impact on the stability, reliability, and security of your applications. This review evaluates these components across your infrastructure - applications, people, and processes – to enable you to fix operational vulnerabilities and inefficiencies.

Secure SDLC Development/Training

Developing applications that are full function, stable, and secure is both an art and a science. But, there are techniques that can result in better applications. Developing and following a Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) can help developers and support staff reduce potential exposures in developed code. Software developed under a Secure SDLC not only tends to include fewer vulnerabilities, but also is typically more resilient to attacks.

Evolve Security’s internal application penetration testing solutions include the exact set of services that are most appropriate for your business needs. These services always focus on providing you with actionable information you can use to make proactive steps to improve the security of your applications, and better meet your business needs.

Our internal application penetration testing services update as cybersecurity threats evolve

Application penetration tests are key components of your enterprise security program. Commodity services have a place in the market, but are not going to offer you the type of service, details, and effectiveness that you need to identify security problems in your environment, then maximizes your opportunity to fix them in a proactive manner, before a hostile attacker or cybercriminal has the chance to take advantage of them.

Evolve Security combines three important elements to offer the best penetration test services:

Best of breed toolsets

That are regularly evaluated, replaced, and updated to maintain not only the best tools, but most appropriate tools for your specific services


Experienced security experts

With broad ranges of technical experience to help ensure we can provide the most effective service


The Darwin Attack® portal

Which enables efficient, timely communications and collaborations, and supports your management and reporting needs

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