Azure Security Assessment

Evolve Security’s Azure cloud security assessment is designed to help ensure that the organization’s Azure implementation has been built in a way that supports the security, compliance, and reporting needs of the organization across your entire Azure cloud environment.

Optimizing Azure Security for Compliance and Business Success

Organizations have widely moved to a cloud environment across most industries. Cloud services provide organizations the opportunity to bring scalable, flexible access, to internal users and external customers across locations and technologies that suit their work style and business needs. Cloud computing has become the standard, and most companies continue to work to identify more opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of the technologies. At the same time, many organizations have struggled to manage the security of their entire cloud environment.

Azure has one of the largest market shares of any cloud provider. Azure supports a dynamic computing environment, and has a global footprint. It supports effective integration with other Microsoft products and solutions, and provides robust tools and analytics to enable effective management by client organizations. Like most cloud solutions, Azure implementations can create a complex environment, involving many different components and services that need to be integrated and configured properly.

Cloud implementations often involve storing sensitive data and running critical applications in a shared environment, which makes effective implementation and ongoing management of access both within and into/out of the environment even more critical. Cloud scalability can complicate this even further as additional resources must be added to or removed from the environment while supporting all your security and compliance requirements.

This can be even more challenging since not all organizations have enough cloud-specific skills to implement and maintaining an effective cloud implementation.

Evolve Security’s Azure Security Assessment helps ensure that your Azure environment has been designed and implemented, and is being managed, to truly support your security and compliance needs, while enabling business goals.

Our Proven Azure Security Assessment Solution

Evolve Security’s Azure cloud security assessment includes full analysis of the existing Azure environment, including details such as the following:

  • The standards and configurations used to build supported servers receive special focus, particularly regarding weak or substandard configurations – essentially, the blueprint of your cloud environment. Additionally, server hardening guidelines are reviewed, as well as processes for building new servers to ensure compliance with the defined approved standard build. Lastly, standards for implementation and decommissioning of shared storage space like Azure Blobs or Azure Files are examined.
  • Identity and Access Management, including defined user classes, and permissions for each. It also includes access logging and audit for critical systems and data, as well as controls over your actual cloud account.
  • Data protections, including appropriate encryption, backup and recovery functionality, and processes/controls to restore service in the event of an outage. This also includes data segregation and isolation both within your environment, and between your environment and other organizations.
  • Security controls such as standards and defined controls for encryption, network firewalls, application gateway firewalls, denial of service filters, should be part of your cloud solution.
  • Compliance and regulatory requirements, such as HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI/DSS require not only that the appropriate assets are protected, but that you know how they are protected, and are able to prove that you verified compliance.

Evolve Security’s Azure cloud security assessment is designed to ensure you have enforced good data practices, and can prove it, regardless of the exact type of cloud environment of which you are taking advantage. Evolve Security’s Azure security assessment includes the exact set of services that are most appropriate for your business needs. These services always focus on providing you with actionable information you can use to make proactive steps to improve the security and compliance of your cloud implementation, and better meet your business needs.


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Our Azure Security Assessments Constantly Evolve

Cloud enablement is a dynamic approach, and services continue to evolve. Our team of security professionals constantly monitor developments in cloud standards, and update processes and standards as appropriate. We also hold regular project review sessions and update our internal standards to help ensure we are assessing to at least standards of good business practice, based on the practices of current clients. Every engagement includes review of our own benchmarks to help ensure that we are assessing to the most appropriate set of controls.

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