Continuous Vulnerability Scanning

Evolve Security’s continuous vulnerability scanning service is designed to help ensure that the organization is prepared to identify changes and vulnerabilities in their environment, improving security and compliance, while reducing risk.

Stay Ahead of Threats with Continuous Vulnerability Scanning

Regularly scanning for and fixing vulnerabilities has become a standard security control expected of any organization. Remediating vulnerabilities is a fundamental part of any modern security program. Over the last few years, we have been experiencing an average of 50-60 new vulnerabilities defined each and every day. This includes vulnerabilities in your internal and external network presence which can help expose your environment in many ways, but three of the most common include:

  1. Your network is exposed because of vulnerabilities in your systems, supported services, and applications. This includes both new and old vulnerabilities in your existing environment.
  2. Your network is exposed because of misconfigured services, systems, or controls. This includes misconfigurations and coding errors in your existing environment.
  3. Your network is exposed because of changes in your environment that did not effectively consider cybersecurity. This includes adding new networks or network devices, adding or decommissioning servers, fielding new websites, and web-enabled services or applications.

Attackers are very good at developing exploits for new vulnerabilities, and have been getting better at weaponizing those exploits in tool kits and exploit kits, which makes those attacks even easier. But, you can do two things which will reduce your chance or a successful attack and breach:

  1. Reduce the number and severity of exposed vulnerabilities in your environment. This is a direct result of active vulnerability management and an effective priority-driven patch management program.
  2. Reduce the exposure of your environment by reducing exposed systems and services. This is the entire goal of attack surface management – making, and keeping, your network less interesting to potential attackers.

Continuous vulnerability scanning helps you accomplish both goals in a near-real time manner since it helps identify new vulnerabilities in your environment, and because it can help identify changes that both raise your exposure, and make you a more attractive target to potential attackers. Consistent practices enable you to take proactive action to reduce potential risk, as well as improve your security, and compliance.

Our proven continuous vulnerability scanning solutions

Evolve Security’s continuous vulnerability scanning follows a well-defined process designed to maximize your ability to manage your vulnerabilities.

  1. Set the rules of engagement. Define the systems, networks, and IP addresses for testing, both externally and internally. Identify any “off-limits” systems or environments, testing hours, and any other rules which can affect the vulnerability scanning. Define any compliance requirements. Define placement for internal scanners and any required external access, and other rules that could affect the test process.
  2. Perform baseline vulnerability scans. Use next-gen vulnerability testing tools that are appropriate for the test. Use multiple tools if that provides the best results. Review tool results and determine if any configuration changes are required for re-execution of the tests.
  3. Perform reconciliation. Perform all appropriate reporting, including briefings as necessary, agree on test coverage and defined testing baseline, and define test schedule. Define notification rules and escalations.
  4. Perform on-going continuous vulnerability scanning, using next-gen vulnerability scanners.
  5. Escalate as defined in notification and escalation rules. Provide regular test reporting by test as completed.

The overall process itself is straight forward, but Evolve Security is invested in ensuring you get the most effective results possible for the engagement. We consider all of your security and compliance needs when defining the testing scenarios, and use the most appropriate tool sets for those specific needs. We also populate the Darwin Attack® portal with test results during testing to ensure you are provided timely information about vulnerabilities and actions you can take to mitigate them.

Not only does this provide you faster access to actionable results, but by using the Darwin Attack® portal you also have access to additional collaboration, clarification, and guidance directly from the Evolve Security team members assigned to your engagement.

Modernize your continuous vulnerability scanning approach

Most companies performing vulnerability scans have commoditized their solutions. They focus on using their primary vulnerability scanner to automate their offerings to the extent possible. Most of those vendors either do automated reporting, or have a built-in lead time to provide test results through an internal reporting process. This often means that report writers are doing research on test results, and adding content not identified by testers. It also means the vendor requires lead time to draft, review, finalize, and format the report.

Evolve Security’s approach to vulnerability scans ensures making sure the testing meets your security, compliance, and business needs. This includes using multiple next-generation vulnerability scanners , and considering your scan results in the context of your needs.

Evolve Security is dedicated to making the continuous vulnerability scan process efficient and effective.  During scans, our security professionals enter findings, such as identified vulnerabilities and potentially exploitable systems, directly into our Darwin Attack® portal. We update the portal in a near-real-time basis, during testing. This allows us to immediately recognize when your exposure has changed – whether we observe a new vulnerability or a new system or application – Darwin Attack maintains a context-aware record of the state of your environment.

We also have a team of security professionals who maintain and enter related cybersecurity data into Darwin Attack in a regular, ongoing manner. This includes details like vulnerabilities and associated remediation recommendations, along with the current state of configuration guidelines to help identify good security practices. This helps provide you with detailed information in a rapid and efficient manner, providing you the best available results, with context.

Our continuous vulnerability scanning services constantly evolve

Vulnerability scans are fundamental components of your enterprise security program.  Continuous scanning is less common, but goes a long way in enabling you to consistently meet the goals of your security program. Evolve Security’s experienced security professionals constantly research the best vulnerability scanners, including service, system, or compliance-specific requirements, to help ensure that we always maintain a set of vulnerability scanners that best serve the needs of our clients.

We also continue to research vulnerability remediation and mitigating controls, as well as evolving compliance requirements. We continually update Darwin Attack® with all appropriate detail to help ensure that you have the most up to date information available. As we update Darwin Attack® with your vulnerability scan results, this maximizes your ability to fix them in a proactive manner, before a hostile attacker or cybercriminal has the chance to take advantage of them.

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