DARWIN ATTACK® The Real-Time Pentest Platform

Evolve Security’s Darwin Attack® platform is designed to help maximize the utilization and collaboration of security information, to enable your organization to perform proactive security actions, improving your security and compliance, while reducing risk.

Our Penetration Testing Platform

Attackers continue to get better at identifying vulnerabilities, then developing exploits and weaponizing them in tools and exploit kits. If you want a chance at keeping up with these attackers you also need to become better at identifying and fixing vulnerabilities, and doing so before attackers are taking advantage of them in your environment.

Evolve Security’s entire mission is to assist your organization in reducing your risk of successful cyberattacks. This includes assessments, penetration tests, vulnerability scans, and other related services, all carefully designed to help identify and remediate risks (like exploitation of vulnerabilities) and enable you to improve control over your entire operating environment. Our cybersecurity services are important because they will help you meet those goals.

But the services themselves do not tell the whole story. Evolve Security’s Darwin Attack® platform has been designed to help tie these solutions together, and to enable you to better manage service execution and results. Evolve Security’s Darwin Attack® platform is a combination data repository, collaboration platform, communication platform, management platform, and reporting platform. This combination of client-focused services improve your capability to manage security threats, and reduce risks to your environment.

Proven Platform Solutions

Evolve Security’s Darwin Attack® platform is a critical part of our service offerings, and is a collaboration and enablement tool that will improve your ability to actively manage elements of your security program. The platform includes many key functions.

The Darwin Attack® portal provides value beyond a simple interface from which you can pull information – it functions as a management and collaboration portal that will enable you to actively improve your control over the security of your environment.


It is a repository for research from Evolve Security’s talented security professionals, including vulnerability and attack details, compliance requirements, remediation recommendations, and mitigating controls, among others. It is also a repository for details about your testing environment, like affected systems and their relative value/importance to your organization.

Security feed

During penetration testing or vulnerability scanning, Evolve Security team members actively update the platform with findings, key vulnerabilities, and supporting information so you don’t have to wait for final reporting to start remedial actions. You can see updates as they are posted.


You can see testing updates as they are posted to the portal, and can communicate directly with your Evolve Security engagement team through the feed – discussing findings or asking for clarification or guidance as appropriate.

Tracking tool

You can actively track the results of testing through the feed and updates to findings like vulnerabilities in your portal.


Since your Evolve Security team updates the portal as they complete tests, you can always find up to date status details in the portal. Darwin Attack® can deliver findings to organization-specific ticketing systems like ServiceNow®, JIRA, Zendesk, Tenable, Slack, and Teams to help streamline coordination, tracking, and resolution.


At any time during services like testing, you can access details about your progress and findings via the Darwin Attack® platform, reducing the needs for intermediate reporting activity from Evolve Security – this give you better control over access to the information you need when you need it. Evolve Security also delivers PDF reports for services via the secure portal platform, reducing reliance on alternate delivery methods for reports containing sensitive material.

Modernize Your Security Management Approach

Most cybersecurity companies offer services that provide you information about vulnerabilities and other risks. Since vulnerabilities and attacker tools change so rapidly, any actionable information you can get has the potential to be of value to your organization.

Evolve Security does not believe that simply dumping security information on you best serves the needs of your organization. We use Darwin Attack® to help define the scope of work being done – documenting affected systems and their relative criticality. We use industry leading penetration testing and vulnerability scanning tools to provide the best technical results possible, and update your portal with findings during the test – so you have access to the test details as the test progresses – nearly real-time. This provides you with invaluable insight into test progression, as well as findings as tests progress. The value of enabling your ability to begin remediation activity within minutes of the time we discover an actionable finding cannot be overstated. This process provides you capabilities which exceed standard security practices and most compliance regulations.

The fact that we can perform validation testing and penetration testing as a service through the same exact platform, and update test progress and results as we test enhances your security team’s ability to take positive security actions is also invaluable. Using the collaboration and findings capabilities found within Darwin Attack® can make your testing and remediation more accurate, more timely, and more efficient, enabling you to improve your security management.

Our Portal Constantly

Evolve Security is committed to ensure that our services available through the Darwin Attack® portal are the most effective and efficient services available. Our security professionals constantly update our backend data with details from research as well as client tests. We continue to research security risks, vulnerabilities, remediation and mitigating controls, as well as evolving compliance requirements. We continually update Darwin Attack® with all appropriate detail to help ensure that you have the most up to date information available.

Evolve Security’s experienced security professionals constantly research the best penetration test tools, vulnerability scanners, including service, system, or compliance-specific requirements, to help ensure that we always maintain best-of-breed security tools that best serve the needs of our clients.

We use the same exact portal for our own collaboration, so we constantly update portal functionality to maximize usability and functionality. We regularly review client engagements to ensure the portal is meeting your needs. We understand that security can be complicated, but we designed and manage our portal solutions to simplify the process, and help improve the services we offer, as well as the visibility and value you experience.

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