White Paper:
Managing Risks with External Attack Surface Management

Evolve Security Whitepaper: Navigating Risk Through External Attack Surface Management

Your threat landscape has expanded. It now encompasses cloud infrastructure, spans over different subsidiaries, and is littered with unidentified, uncontrolled assets. Are you certain about how to locate all of them? Cyber attackers often target these undiscovered assets. And when external vulnerabilities are exposed, your crucial systems and sensitive data bear the brunt of the risk.

Discover our latest whitepaper, Navigating Risk Through External Attack Surface Management:

  • What is Attack Surface Management
  • EASM Prevention Mechanisms for 10 Common Attack Types
  • Historical Trends of Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs)
  • The Value of External Attack Surface Management
  • Challenges Facing the Adoption of EASM
  • Considerations Before Implementing External Attack Surface Management