Evolve Security Joins G2 Grid for Attack Surface Management & Scores Triple Spring Awards for Penetration Testing

Jack Ekelof
VP Sales & Marketing

It's a thrilling moment for Evolve Security as we make our mark on the Grid for Attack Surface Management. Pioneering with our human-led approach to Attack Surface Management solutions, we're lighting the path. Discover more at the G2 Grid Attack Surface Management. The addition of our cutting-edge Darwin Attack® platform mirrors the striking expansion and unique approach of Evolve Security's perspective on ASM.

In the distinguished Spring 2024 G2 rankings, Evolve Security has made a remarkable showing, bagging two High Performer ratings in Attack Surface Management and Penetration Testing categories. This prestigious recognition comes hot on the heels of the company earning three Spring awards for its top-tier penetration testing capabilities.

A peer-to-peer software marketplace, G2 is a powerhouse in industry leadership recognition. They partner with companies to validate user authenticity through selected platforms, adding an extra layer of security for all users.

As always, we welcome you to visit G2's platform where you can read and share reviews on the products and services offered by both Evolve Security.

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