EvolveSec Online | January 2024 | Eric Wistrand

State of the Cyber Insurance Marketplace: Your Policy & 29,000 + CVE's in 2023

Incorporating Cyber Insurance as part of an overall risk management strategy is evolving policy to policy. Look for guidance from Eric Wistrand, CIO at Couch Braunsdorf Insurance Group to navigate your company's policy as a cyber leader. Jack Ekelof, VP at Evolve Security will share the impact of increasing CVE's at the start of 2024.

Tune in for Discussion on Cyber Insurance Topcis:

  • Analyzing your policies for correct coverages
  • Aligning aspects of your operations to correct cyber insurance policies
  • Determining appropriate coverage limits & deductibles in policies
  • Review of a real world cyber claim
  • Trade off review between premium costs vs. coverage limits vs. deductibles
  • Analysis of CVE growth in 2023, and impact of cyber insurance for 2024 and beyond
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