Red-Team Penetration Testing

Our Red-Team penetration testing helps you proactively identify and remediate vulnerabilities and other weaknesses an attacker could take advantage of, enabling you improve your security and compliance while reducing risk.

Combat Complex Cyberattacks with Red-Team Penetration Testing

Most security experts agree that cyberattacks are increasing in their frequency and complexity. A cyberattack is not just the result of an attacker finding a single vulnerability in your environment, then delivering an exploit to take advantage of that vulnerabilities. The vast majority of cyberattacks you face are complex, multi-vector attacks that feed each other information to maximize the ability of subsequent attacks to provide additional valuable intelligence about you, or to find one or more exploitable vulnerabilities.

Most modern cyberattacks have some form of phishing or email component, where the attacker attempts to deliver malware. Many include social engineering, as an attacker might attempt to gather passwords or other sensitive internal information. Information gathered in response to email or social engineering attempts can improve the focus and capabilities of other attacks, including helping the attacker determine how to reduce the chances you are able to detect their attacks.

Evolve Security’s Red-Team penetration testing simulates a cyberattack on your environment in the same manner a real attacker would. A Red-Team test focuses on systems, network, applications, configurations, people skills, processes/procedures, or physical security measures, with the goal of identifying vulnerabilities and weaknesses that could be exploited by a real attacker. The ultimate goal is to provide a realistic view of your security readiness in the face of a real cyberattack. The results of the test can help you improve your security defenses, refine incident response procedures, ensure compliance, and reduce risk.

Evolve Security is committed using our Darwin Attack® portal to enable near real-time communications, providing you with results as the test progresses. And these results are not just jargon laden content, but meaningful details about the identified vulnerabilities, potential consequences, and recommended remediations.

This active collaboration means you can start prioritization and remediation immediately, making the best use of the actionable information associated with the identified vulnerabilities. Evolve Security ensures you have details that enable you to conduct proactive remediation, reducing the exploitable vulnerabilities in your environment, enhancing your control and security, improving compliance, and reducing risk.

Our proven Red-Team penetration testing solutions

Evolve Security’s approach to Red-Team penetration testing services is to simulate the actions a real cyberattacker would take to exercise and test your entire security posture – your existing controls, including your ability to detect and manage that attack. Evolve Security’s Red-Team penetration testing includes broad coverage of your perimeter, websites, systems, and applications you use to run your business. We identify vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and other exposures that an attacker could take advantage of, and enable you to take proactive actions to perform all remediation.

All Red-Team testing is led by a certified Red-Team operator, and includes a variety of tool-based and manual efforts, coordinated to provide you the best available information. This testing includes phishing emails, social engineering, vulnerability scans and active penetration testing to fully exercise your security program.

Evolve Security follows a best-practice process to accomplish all Red-Team testing

Information gathering

Identify attack source(s), testing windows, andset rules of engagement. Identify IP addresses, people and other resources tobe tested. Identify test goals and escalation procedures in the event of clientdetection.


Network discovery and automated tool testing, vulnerability and application scanning, supported with manual discovery and follow-up as appropriate. Include data gathering phishing emails and social engineering efforts.

Manual testing, validation and exploitation

Manual validation, testing, and exploitation. Privilege escalation and data exfiltration. Identification, avoidance, and evaluation of existing security controls.

Analysis and reporting

Ongoing updates to our Darwin Attack® portal during testing, but also includes root cause analysis, business risk analysis, findings with evidence, as well as a remediation plan for all negative findings. Full security briefing of test progress and results, with evaluations of security maturity, security controls, detection controls, and other observed components.

Evolve Security’s Red-Team testing solutions include the combination of services that are most likely to meet your business needs. These services always focus on providing you with actionable information you can use to make proactive steps to improve the security of your internal network infrastructure and supporting security controls, and better meet your business needs.

Our Red-Team penetration testing services update as cybersecurity threats evolve

Penetration tests are key components of your enterprise security program.  Commodity services have a place in the market, but are not going to offer you the type of service, details, and effectiveness that you need to identify security problems in your environment, then maximizes your opportunity to fix them in a proactive manner, before a hostile attacker or cybercriminal has the chance to take advantage of them.

An Evolve Security Red-Team penetration test is the ultimate combination of automated and customized testing that provides the most realistic view of your organization’s security readiness.

Evolve Security combines three important elements to offer the best penetration test services:

Best of breed toolsets

That are regularly evaluated, replaced, and updated to maintain not only the best tools, but most appropriate tools for your specific services


Experienced security experts

With broad ranges of technical experience to help ensure we can provide the most effective service


The Darwin Attack® portal

Which enables efficient, timely communications and collaborations, and supports your management and reporting needs

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