Cybersecurity Services

With over 15 years of experience and expertise, we bring best of breed talent, technology, an adaptive methodology and real-time dashboarding to identify and help solve your cybersecurity issues.

We provide offensive, defensive, advisory and corporate training services though a on-going managed solutions, dedicated resources, or one-time engagements. We do what works for you.

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Penetration Testing

Our Managed Penetration Testing provides comprehensive continuous vulnerability identification from an internal and external perspective and presented in a single report. The service includes automated network, application and cloud vulnerability scanning and fully manual penetration testing.


As the threat landscape continuous to evolve, the combination of our resources and expertise uniquely positions us to effectively strengthen your security posture.


People can either be a source of vulnerability or one of the most resilient combatants. All employees need to be on the security team. Our instructors are hackers with the heart of a teacher and are uniquely qualified to create custom training programs that are applicable to the company and employees. Topics range from DevSecOps to Security Awareness, or Threat Detection to Penetration Testing, and focus on delivering practical and hands-on training to provide the concrete practical skills that are needed.

Talent Solutions

It takes three months or longer to fill an empty security position, and the more technical the position, the more difficult it is to fill. Let us assist you with your talent shortage needs through temporary, long-term or direct hire engagements.

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With Darwin Attack, our pentesting team spends their time doing hands-on work and providing you with the answers you need, not creating 1-way, static reports. Reduce your recovery time with real-time updates of findings and remediation insights from our experts.