Hackers with the
Heart of a Teacher

We work alongside and educate your current security, DevOps, and IT staff to assess, test and resolve your security vulnerabilities throughout the full security life-cycle.
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Commitment to Talent

  • Key to success starts with hiring people with the right attitude and aptitude with a thirst for continuous learning and passion for cybersecurity.
  • Instill Learn, Do, Teach method to becoming an expert.

    Learn: Extensive investment in advanced training and certifications. (e.g. OSCP, ECP, OSCE, CISSP).
    Do: Days are spent putting their hacking skills to the test. It takes a hacker to effectively defend against one.
    Teach: Expertise is refined through their instruction of Evolve training courses, as well as presenting at conferences and EvolveSec meetup events..
  • Our team is U.S. based W2 employees.
  • All application security SME's are former developers.


Darwin Attack® Platform:
  • Automates scanning, parsing, and execution of security tools.
  • Dynamic reporting engine provides real-time visibility into vulnerabilities.
  • Enables our testers to spend more time performing intricate manual testing.
  • A simulated enterprise environment based on real world scenarios.
  • Essential in being able to test various security tools and teach practical security concepts.
  • Built in our CyberLAB learning platform, the central hub for recorded content, labs, access to live sessions, assignments, communication, and more.
  • Full virtual machines run in the cloud and can be launched in seconds from a browser requiring no setup or configuration.

Continuous &

  • We constantly monitor and hunt for vulnerabilities throughout your entire IT environment.
  • Full Scope:
    “That's out of scope", said no attacker ever. Attackers aren’t limited to scope thus we test your entire technology stack and assets.
  • Continuous Testing:
    Networks, applications, and configurations are constantly changing – testing just once a year doesn’t cut it anymore. It doesn’t matter if you are moving assets in or out of the cloud or to virtual infrastructure.
  • Remediation Validation:
    Naturally included in our continuous testing approach. Be confident that your vulnerabilities have been fixed.