Founded in Training
Focused on Transferring

We work alongside and educate your current security, DevOps, and IT staff to assess, test and resolve your security vulnerabilities throughout the full security life-cycle.
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Focusing on our strongest competencies allows us to deliver the highest level of quality to our clients. Application Security runs deep in our veins and we were founded on security training.

We Enable

Evolve Security works with your current security, IT, and development staff to enable them to manage and care for the security of your business.


The key to our success is hiring people with the right attitude and aptitude. We value our resources and seek driven and motivated individuals with a thirst for knowledge and a passion for security.


We are founded on cybersecurity education and research. Through the Evolve Security Academy we stay up to date with the most relevant security information.


Unlike most security companies, Evolve places a large emphasis on knowledge transfer and enabling our customers to be security aware long-term.

Flat Rate

There are no surprises when it comes to our pricing. We quote everything up front and are as transparent as possible.