Agile, continuous pentesting ensures secure growth


Cobalt Iron maintains a SaaS platform that is deployed in over 40 countries, across all top cloud providers, and operated from 22 global centers. Finding and remediating threats was a constant source of stress in the organization. Our managed penetration testing relationship ensures they can continue with seamless and secure development cycles, enabling business growth.

Cobalt Iron understood the value of continuous penetration testing, and were early adopters of our offering. A huge benefit of our custom, managed penetration testing solution provided them with the ability to change their environment or push new features without fear of inadvertent risk, according to Cobalt Iron’s V.P. of Engineering, Randy Jones. Most importantly, our monthly penetration testing provided the company with a way to ensure the seamless and secure development cycles they need to enable business growth.

Cobalt Iron develops and maintains a SaaS platform that is deployed in over 40 countries, across all top cloud providers, and operated from 22 global centers. Their enterprise clients rely on them to provide broad sets of core data backup/recovery, anti-ransomware, virtualization, and analytics services with APIs to support a constantly changing suite of features and functionality. Company executives were concerned about being able to find and remediate vulnerabilities securely in a timely manner.

Evolve worked with Cobalt Iron’s engineering team to create a customized, comprehensive, and continually managed penetration testing partnership. We used Evolve’s Darwin Attack™ to surface and remediate several vulnerabilities, and provided detailed technology-driven reports on those findings. Darwin Attack, is our proprietary, temporary, non-downloadable software for cybersecurity and information technology training and operations vulnerability risk assessments.

Analysis by our engineers helped to embed vulnerability hunting within Cobalt Iron’s demanding software development life cycle (SDLC). This became an ongoing relationship in which Evolve continues to work with Cobalt Iron’s Infosec/IT team to analyze newly altered or vulnerable corners of their environment on a monthly basis.

Cobalt Iron Executives now have peace of mind, knowing that their team has a system of secure, scalable new features and functionality that allows them to illuminate and rank security vulnerabilities.

Evolve’s White Glove approach to managed penetration testing uses human interaction to help client companies identify, explore, and rank the risks of network and application vulnerabilities that automated tools cannot detect. Contact us to learn more.

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