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Overall Experience:
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Hear more about the Evolve Academy experience from co-founder, Andrew Hamilton, in this informational webinar.

Video reflects outdated pricing. Pricing has since been updated for 2020.

REMOTE Bootcamp:
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The REMOTE Bootcamp delivers the same hands-on holistic curriculum as the IN-PERSON Bootcamp.

PenTesting Advanced Track:
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Hear more about the Evolve Experience from co-founder, Andrew Hamilton, in this informational webinar.

Video reflects outdated pricing. Pricing has since been updated for 2020.

frequently Asked


How much does the Bootcamp cost?

IN-PERSON Bootcamp tuition is $12,500. REMOTE Bootcamp tuition is $10,500. Calculate your financing through Skills Fund.

What are the tuition payment options?

Option 1: Pay full tuition upfront

A $250 discount is applied to tuition if paid in full, either on or before the program start date.

Option 2: Installments-Pay half upfront / half later

50% of balance due by start of bootcamp.

Remaining 50% of balance due by week 8 of bootcamp.

Option 3: Financing

We partner with a third-party lender, Skills Fund, to provide affordable personal loans. Visit their website for details on how to apply and to calculate your financing.

If you are an international student, learn more about your international financing options.

Are scholarships available?

Yes, partial merit-based scholarship are available. Prospective students may apply for a scholarship by including a personal essay about why they are deserving during the bootcamp application process.

Scholarship recipients are selected following the interview process and prospective students are informed upon acceptance into the bootcamp.

Do you accept the GI Bill® for eligible veterans?


We are certified to accept the GI Bill® for the IN-PERSON (Chicago) Bootcamp.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our IN-PERSON Sept. 2020 bootcamp has been moved to REMOTE (Live-Online). Eligible veterans may use their GI Bill benefits for the REMOTE Bootcamp until we resume normal operations,through Dec. 21, 2020, according to the enactment of S.3503.

** Please note that our REMOTE Sept. 2020 Bootcamp ends Jan. 30,2021, six weeks after the S.3503 enactment period has ended. We have been informed by the VA that there is a chance this overlap will affect the coverage provided to our GI Bill students. Please reach out to an Evolve Admissions Officer for more information and contact the VA for information specific to your benefits.

Please note your interest in utilizing the GI Bill® in your full application so we can help you navigate the process.

For more information, check out the GI Bill® FAQs.

What do I get when I graduate?

Upon successful completion of the bootcamp, graduates are able to not only understand the theory behind information security, but also how to apply it in real world situations. 

In addition, graduates receive:

  • Certificate of Completion upon successfully completing the course requirements and final exam.
  • Evolve Security Certified Professional (ESCP) certification upon meeting course requirements and passing the final ESCP lab exam.
  • CompTIA Security+ Certification voucher to take the certification within 90 days after the bootcamp at no cost.
  • A network of cybersecurity professionals and experts from different organizations and backgrounds.
  • Real world project experience as a Security Apprentice that ca be shared with potential employers.
  • Preparation for other information security certifications if pursuing them.
  • Job preparation services and support in landing a cybersecurity related job.
What is the hiring rate and employment data of Evolve Academy graduates?
  • 94% of alumni actively seeking a cybersecurity position get hired within 6 months.
  • Hired graduates experienced a median salary increase of 48%.
  • Job seeking graduates were hired within 63 days on average.
  • Graduates median total compensations was $65,000.
  • Statistics last updated August 2020.
How is the hiring rate determined?

The hiring rate is calculated based on IN-PERSON & REMOTE Bootcamp alumni statistics. This is data collected from graduates who were actively job seeking and were offered a full-time or a contract-to-hire job in the cybersecurity industry within 6 months of becoming an Evolve Security Certified Professional (ESCP).

Graduates who are included in our success and hiring metrics meet all of the following criteria:

  • Sought employment opportunities in information security.
  • Met the Actively Job Seeking expectations which includes taking ownership of job search, following job preparation curriculum, networking online and in-person, continuous education and working with a career coach.
  • Successfully completed the Evolve Academy Bootcamp (having no unexcused attendance for classes, labs, and workshops) and earned the ESCP certifications.
  • Paid all tuition payments on time and in full.
  • Responsive and engaged throughout their job search process.
  • Took all phone and in-person interviews made available to them.
  • Accepted a job in the cybersecurity industry.

Graduates who are not include in our success and hiring metrics:

  • Took an extended leave of absence during the 6 month window and did not engage with job search support resources. We will support these students upon their re-engagement.
  • Pursued other educational or training programs within the 6 months window.

What kind of jobs do graduates qualify for after completing the bootcamp?

Candidates who successfully complete the Evolve Academy cybersecurity curriculum are qualified for the following positions (not a comprehensive list):

  • Security Analyst/Engineer
  • Cybersecurity Analyst/Engineer
  • Network Security Analyst/Engineer
  • IT Security Analyst/Engineer
  • InfoSec Analyst/Engineer
  • Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst
  • Security Sales Engineer
  • Associate Security Consultant (Technical/Compliance)
Where is the IN-PERSON Bootcamp located?

The IN-PERSON Bootcamp is located where Evolve Security is headquartered, within 1871, ranked #1 incubator in U.S. The address is 222 W. Merchandise Mart Plaza, Suite #1212 Chicago, IL 60654.

How much experience do I need?

Primary Pre-Requisite

We are looking for candidates with the right ATTITUDE and APTITUDE. Candidates who are PASSIONATE about learning security and are CURIOUS in nature, will be successful in the Bootcamp. We can teach you the technical skills that are needed to enter the industry, but you need to have the drive, work ethic, and passion to learn these skills that are needed.

Secondary Pre-Requisite (optional)

Candidates with the following experience are more strongly considered:

  • 1 - 3 years IT or development experience
  • Basic understanding of networking and/or application concepts
  • Familiarity with scripting languages (Python, Bash, Ruby, Perl, etc.)
  • Working knowledge of common operating systems and familiarity with command line operation (Windows and Linux)
  • Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Computer Science or Information Systems
  • IT Certifications: Network+, CCNA, Security+, CEH, CISSP
What is the admissions process?

Step 1: Full Application: Candidate completes Full Application.

Step 2: In-Person or video interview: Interview topics include: education, work history, expectations of program, interest in cybersecurity, and technical experience, which includes cybersecurity concepts, networking, Linux command line, etc.

Step 3: Admissions Board Review: The Admissions Board reviews and decides on immediate acceptance or wait-listed. We have a rolling admission so timing of notification of acceptance varies.

Step 4: Acceptance: If accepted, candidate receives an electronic acceptance letter and enrollment agreement, which outlines the expectations of the class, the class schedule, and tuition payment schedule. Accepted candidates must attest that they have familiarity with basic cybersecurity concepts, networking and the Linux command line as outlined in our Fundamentals of Cybersecurity course.

Step 5: Enrolled Students: Candidate must submit their signed enrollment agreement and non-refundable down payment to reserve their spot. GI Bill students are not required to submit a down payment in order to secure their spot, rather they must submit their Education Enrollment Status (EES) form.

Step 8: Complete Fundamentals of Cybersecurity course: Candidate must complete the prep exercises as taught in the free Fundamentals of Cybersecurity course to ensure they are prepared for the bootcamp. Additional skills assessments may be required prior to the bootcamp start date to ensure candidate is adequately prepared.

What hardware and software do I need?

A Windows or Mac machine with at least an i7 processor and at least 8 GBs RAM is required.

What prep exercises can I do to prepare for the bootcamps?

Applicants are expected to be familiar with the basics cybersecurity concepts, computer networking , and the Linux command line. Start with our Fundamentals of Cybersecurity course.

I’m excited to start the bootcamp, what are my next steps?

1. Your next step is to fill out the full application.
2. Then schedule an interview. The interview allows us to learn more about your background / interest in cybersecurity and enables us to guide you through the necessary steps to becoming a successful cybersecurity professional. It's also your time to ask additional questions.
3. Enroll, work through the Fundamentals of Cybersecurity course (if you haven’t already) and get excited to launch your cybersecurity career!

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at