People can either be a source of vulnerability or resilient combatants. All employees need to be on the security team and up-skilling your staff is both effective and rewarding.  

Evolve instructors are industry professionals and practitioners with the heart of a teacher. We are uniquely qualified to provide training for your company and employees.

Let's Explore a Training Solution for Your Team

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Hands-On & Practical

Technology Enabled

Our custom built CyberLAB™ learning platform provides a seamless learning experience. This is the central hub for pre-recorded content, labs, access to live-online sessions, assignments, communication, and more. Full virtual machines run in the cloud and can be launched in seconds from your browser with no setup or configuration required.

Expert Instruction

Our instructors are experts in teaching core concepts and applying them to real-world scenarios through hands-on labs. The curriculum is informed by our cybersecurity engineers who have the best pulse on relevant industry skills and demand. Up-skill your team with training they need now to make a direct impact on the security of your company.

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OSCP Bootcamp

Practical penetration testing training

This course teaches penetration testing and OSCP exam prep skills through live instruction, lab tutorials, and custom lab environments inspired by real-world situations faced by pentesters. Our 18-week, part-time training creates a deeper and practical understanding of penetration testing in a supportive live-online classroom environment. Access to Offensive Security’s Learn One platform and two OSCP certification exam attempts are included.

  • Penetration Testing Methodology (PTES)
  • Bash and PowerShell scripting
  • PowerShell Empire
  • Port tunneling and proxy chains
  • Buffer Overflow
  • Active Directory enumeration and attacks
  • Authentication by-pass attacks
  • Windows and Linux privilege escalation
  • Custom exploitation
Employees with 3 years or equivalent relevant work experience in the IT or InfoSec industry.
- Available for individuals or teams
Length & Delivery: 18 weeks
- 3 weeks (on-demand)
- 15 weeks (live-online, instructor led)
- Mon.-Thurs., 7-9 pm CT
August, 2022
Ideal for technical staff, network / system administrator, help desk / desktop support.
- No technical background required
- Available for individuals or teams
Length & Delivery: 20 weeks
- Live-online, instructor led
- Mon.-Thurs., 7-9 pm CT
- Every other Sat. 10 am - 3 pm CT
July, 2022

Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Up-skill your technical staff to fill entry-level cybersecurity roles

This course teaches a holistic understanding of cybersecurity with hands-on training to apply the skills on the job. Students learn from technical labs that delve into essential security concepts and real-world scenarios while incorporating industry-recognized open source and commercial tools to prepare them for entry-level roles like a Cybersecurity Analyst and SOC analyst.

Students watch videos on-demand and spend class time discussing topics, connecting them to real-life work scenarios and getting hands on with labs. Students should expect to spend a total of 20 hours/week on self-paced study and live-online training.

  • Basics of Information Technology and Cybersecurity
  • Networking and Traffic Analysis
  • Introduction to Cloud Technology
  • Enterprise Security Architecture
  • Threat Detection and Monitoring
  • Web Application Security and Offensive Security Basics
  • OSINT, Social Engineering, and Security Awareness
  • Non-Profit Vulnerability Assessment

Secure Software Development Training

Securing the software development life cycle for today's attack landscape

This course trains your development team on the threat landscape and attack vectors. It explores the most critical web application security risks, explains the OWASP Top 10 web application vulnerabilities, and teaches developers how to implement security into the software development lifecycle.

  • The Current Attack & Threat Landscape: current threats and vulnerabilities targeting APIs and Web applications
  • Application Security Best Practices: industry accepted best practices for implementing application security including the OWASP Top 10
  • The Secure Security Software Development Lifecycle (SSDLC): proper implementation of security into the Agile software development lifecycle
Developers and QA testers
Length & Delivery:
40 hours (live-online instructor led)
General users and non-technical staff
Length & Delivery:
1 hour (on-demand)

User Security Awareness Training

Any staff member can be a combatant with the right training

This course teaches proper cybersecurity protocols and procedures for all employees. Your team will learn how to identify cybersecurity threats and social engineering attempts and understand best practices for communicating threats to your IT security team to improve the overall security posture of your company.

  • Social Engineering & Phishing Attacks
  • Non-Computer Attacks Ransomware
  • Physical Intrusions Data Disclosure
  • Your Role in Cybersecurity
  • Threat Detection and Monitoring