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How Do Your Health Habits Stack Up vs. Your Peers?

What are some great habits of cybersecurity pros? How about always going the extra mile, asking curious questions, and here at Evolve, creating and sharing the cleverest memes!  

But what also comes along with the job? Long hours, slouching, slumping, and straining, and feeling stressed out... all common habits of those of us who work long hours at a computer. We need to clean up our act, before bad habits lead to poor health!

It's Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and we're taking a bit of a different route with our theme, focusing on the health and wellness of cybersecurity pros. Our business is a stressful one. Acknowledging this and practicing self-care needs to be a priority!

With this in mind, how do your work-related health habits stack up against your peers? Take our quick poll and find out.